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Toad Media


1 November 2011


The second toad in less than a year has been found in Bayswater, one of Perth’s eastern suburbs. The Stop the Toad Foundation (STTF) wants to know just how many toads need to be found in Perth before the State Government will realize we have an environmental disaster on our hands.

STTF is urging the State Government to act before it is too late and toads are found in large numbers in the State’s capital city. The Foundation, based in Western Australia, has been trying to limit toad movements into WA for the past six years, but has not received much support from the WA State Government.

“We have been requesting support from the WA Government to trial fencing to keep toads out of certain areas within WA. Unfortunately, the WA Government doesn’t seem interested,” said STTF Campaign Manager Kim Hands.

STTF has erected numerous permanent fences around Kununurra, in the east Kimberley, to keep toads out of certain areas, including domestic properties, pool areas at local tourist destinations and even a 2km fence around the iconic Emma Gorge on El Questro Station.

“We have found the fencing to be a great way to keep areas cane toad free. It is very cost-effective, simple to erect and can be easily monitored for toads.”

“The fencing strategy presents a management tool for the WA Government to control toads in Perth. It could be easily applied around freight yards to control any hitchhiker toads like the recent one found in Bayswater. The fencing would ensure toads don’t reach nearby wetlands, such as the Baigup wetlands, south-west of Bayswater, and harm native animals such as the frog populations.”

“We have the control tool and willing volunteers to erect fences around Perth. We just need the support of the WA Government.”

For more information contact STTF’s Campaign Manager Kim Hands on or 0400130397.

Fact file

  • Toads were introduced into Australia in 1935 in an effort to control beetles eating the sugar cane.
  • Toads produce toxins that are deadly to a range of endangered Australian wildlife including northern quolls, goannas, snakes and freshwater crocodiles. They also compete with native wildlife for habitat and food.
  • The western frontline of toads is moving at least 40 km a year and toads are now well and truly into The Kimberley.
  • Each female toad can lay 35000 eggs. The first rains indicate to the toads it is time to breed.
  • STTF is a non-profit, non-government organization established in 2005. There is one staff member, who divides her time between Perth and Kununurra.
  • STTF has held The Great Toad Muster for the past 5 years. A total of 200,000 toads have been removed with the help of hundreds of volunteers around Australia.
  • STTF uses temporary and permanent fencing to control toads.
  • The Emma gorge fence is the first toad proof fence to be erected in the East Kimberley. It is 1.34km long and took 12 days to build. The total cost was just over $7K.


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