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Toad News

4 March 2008

Enviro-job opportunity:
Stop The Toad Foundation - Strategic Campaign Manager

The primary responsibility of the position is to implement the objectives of the Foundation. This involves developing strategies, managing staff and coordinating and facilitating stakeholder involvement in Foundation activities.

Applications must be received electronically by 5.00pm, Wednesday 19th March 2008 at

Job Description (74kb pdf in new window)



(a) To prevent the migration of cane toads into the Western Australia.
(b) To fund, develop, install and operate toad trapping devices and other toad control mechanisms with the aim of preventing cane toads entering Western Australia.
(c) To protect Western Australia’s native fauna and flora from the infestation of cane toads.
(d) To educate the public on the risks and danger posed by cane toads and the ways to prevent the migration of cane toads into Western Australia.
(e) To conduct and finance research into the development of effective methods of controlling, reducing or eliminating cane toad populations.
(f) To implement cane toad control measures in Western Australia in the event that populations of cane toads are established in the State.
(g) To carry out activities that promote or to facilitate the above objectives, including fund raising activities.
(h) To establish and maintain a public fund to be called the “Stop the Toad Fund” for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objects/purposes of the Association.


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