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What it is and what's there

Stop the Toad

Home page

Stop The Toad Petition

Sign a petition for action to stop the toad

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Main Directory
What it is and what's there

About Us at Stop the Toad

About the Stop The Toad Committee and Staff
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News items about our activities
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How to Help

A dozen ways to help and comments from some of our petioners


22 pages of information in pdf files - full listing

Media 2007

Media items from 2007 - full listing

Media 2006

33 media items from 2006 - full listing

Media 2005

52 media items archived from 2005 - full listing

Media 2004

6 media items archived from 2004 - full listing

Wish List

A list of things we need

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Online donation form

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Print and Fax/post Donation Form

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Links to like minded sites

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Who you can contact for information

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Online email form to contact one of the staff above

The Great Toad Muster

The Great Toad Muster
More details below


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How to purchase fine Stop The Toad wine from Barwick's Estates

Toad Impacts

Information page on the impacts of cane toads

On Ground Help

How we can assist you to actively capture toads

Traveller's Pack

Information items for travellers about the cane toad

Large Map

A large map of the main area of our activities

Privacy Statement

Privacy statement from Stop The Toad Foundation

About Us

Tim Winton


Robert Edel

Committee Chair

Luc Longely

Committee Vice Chair

Chris Tallentire


Ken Bradley


Russel Gueho


Andrew Storey


Graeme Sawyer


Fiona Rafferty


Dave Graham

Web Manager

Past Staff


Dennis Beros

Past Strategic Campaign Manager

Derek Monks

Past staff

Paola Diaz

Past staff

Lisa Brideson

Past staff


Staff changes, breakthrough seminar, Ministerial review, WA Gov agenda and Great Toad Muster 2007 preparation


Paul's Story


Muster Newsletter #3 The Great Toad Muster continues...


Tim Winton invites you to lunch on 20 October


Muster Newsletter #2 The Great Toad Muster continues to deliver surprising results


Muster Newsletter #1 Report from the Great Toad Muster Timber Creek Friday 30th September 2006. By Graeme Sawyer


Art in Bloom


Stop The Toad e-Newsletter #2


Muster preparations


Don't miss- "UNDER THREAT” - Stop The Toad Foundation Art Exhibition


Stop The Toad e-Newsletter #1


The Stop the Toad Foundation’s School Trap Building Program


Stop The Toad Foundation strategy shows promise


Greg Hunt delivers trap building course in Timber Creek


29 June 2006 HOT TOPIC


A Report on the STTF coordinated cane toad control exercise at Auvergne lagoon


Ground and aerial surveillance exercise


STTF – 2nd Perth Cane Toad Forum


Mick's Truck


STTF Board visits Kununurra and toad front line


A Fundraising Art Exhibition to Stop the Toad


The Great Toad Muster

More About The Great Toad Muster 2006




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