Stop the Toad

The STOP THE TOAD FOUNDATION is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation incorporated in Western Australia in October 2005.

When field operations began in 2006, the Foundation’s main aim was to prevent cane toads from invading Western Australia. Over the past five years, STTF has removed 175,000 cane toads heading towards WA, but has not been able to entirely prevent them from entering the State. The Foundation has, however, developed an effective and efficient method of clearing toads from a specific area; exclusion fencing. STTF aims to develop this method of toad control so that it can be used to keep toads out of areas such as National Parks and high biodiversity sites.

Directing the evolution of STTF’s cane toad control strategy are two recently released governing documents; The Federal Government’s Cane Toad Threat Abatement Plan and The State Government’s Cane Toad Strategy. Both documents acknowledge that there is a need to move away from broad-scale control and eradication to the protection of key biodiversity assets, and that community action is still an important part of minimizing the toads’ impact.

The Foundation has been largely funded by the State and Federal Government. The Foundation secured $500,000 of WA Government funding in 2005 to support cane toad control in the Northern Territory, and within Western Australia in the event that populations of toads did establish in this state. A further $100,000 was given to the foundation by the WA Government to assist with their annual Toad Muster in October 2007. The Federal Government has also demonstrated their support to STTF over the past couple of years. STTF received $150,000 in 2008 and $204,000 in 2009 through the Federal Government’s Caring for our Country grants scheme. These funds have been used to contribute to The Great Toad Musters and National Eradication Week.

The Foundation also aims to raise funds through corporate sponsorship and private donations. STTF has been strongly supported by the ABN Foundation over the past six years and will be again in 2012. Lotteries West has also been an invaluable supporter.

The strategic focus of the Foundation is to alert all Western Australians to the potential impacts of the cane toad and engage everybody in the fight to protect Western Australia’s biodiversity from the toad.

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